It's Been a Minute...

It's Been a Minute...
Undated photo of the Millbury Public Library. Photo courtesy Digital Commonwealth.

Turns out trying to launch a newspaper is harder than we thought.

So we've been quiet.  A lot of reason for that, although if you know Chris and I, it's because we don't have any ability to say no, and we both kind of burned ourselves out.


So here's the good news: we're not dead. Far from it! We were - are - shocked and humbled by the positive response and feedback of this venture, and we know full well how important local news is, and how our community's lack of a local voice impacts... everything.  It's tough.

So we have a plan to soft-relaunch. Call it Beta Bramanville Tribune.  Over the next few weeks, we'll be posting some op-eds, some submissions, some smaller information. As we enter April and election season, things will pick up a bit more, and we can hopefully bring on a few people to help out (let us know if you're interested) and who knows what else.

Local news is important. Let's make sure it stays that way.

Talk to you all soon.