DEVELOPING: Town Manager Sean Hendricks Resigns

The town manager served for nearly three years and resigned in a surprise announcement today.

DEVELOPING: Town Manager Sean Hendricks Resigns
Former Town Manager Sean Hendricks as seen at the July 11, 2023 Board of Selectmen meeting. Image courtesy Millbury Public Access.

NOTE: Christopher Naff is a Founding Editor of The Bramanville Tribune, but retains no editorial control or input over content related to or involving the Board of Selectmen. He officially pointed me to the press release linked below as his sole comment on the matter.

This story is still developing, but Sean Hendricks, who served as Millbury's Town Manager since 2020, tendered his resignation today. Karyn Clark, the Deputy Town Manager, takes the reins at Town Hall on an interim basis immediately; upon requesting comments from Ms. Clark, the Tribune was directed to the Board of Selectmen.

The press release from the Board of Selectmen, posted at 11:15am on August 2, 2023, reads as follows:

The Millbury Board of Selectman has received and accepted the resignation of Town Manager Sean Hendricks. “I want to thank Mr. Hendricks for his service to the Town of Millbury” said Christopher Naff, Chairman of the Board. “During his tenure, Mr. Hendricks saw the community through a pandemic, began and completed many important infrastructure projects and successfully pursued countless other initiatives. The Selectman wish Mr. Hendricks the best of luck in his new endeavors and thank him for his time with the Town of Millbury.” To ensure continuity of operations during this transition, Karyn Clark, Deputy Town Manager will assume the responsibilities of the day-to-day operations of the Town until the Board takes further action.

Hendricks's tenure in Millbury began in the midst of a pandemic, and his administration of the town led to a positive budget situation and a series of internal reforms at town hall designed to streamline operations as well as the Small Business COVID Relief Program (developed with Chairman Naff), although he was often critiqued in public meetings over his communication with the Board of Selectmen and his ability and willingness to delegate work.

Hendricks was selected by the Board of Selectmen following a contentious split with David Marciello. The Town Manager Screening Committee, beset with accusations of conficts of interest and open meeting law violations, advanced Hendricks and two other candidates to the final round of interviews, notably passing over then-Assistant Town Manager and Human Resources Director Jamie Kelley.

According to the Town Charter, "[A]ny vacancy in the office of town manager shall be filled as soon as possible" by the Board of Selectmen.  Such a vacancy is filled in collaboration with a Town Manager Screening Committee, established by Chapter 2.20.020 of the Bylaws. This committee is required to be filled and initially meet within 30 days of the vacancy (September 1, 2023), and consists of nine people appointed by a variety of different roles in municipal government, and are required to "appoint persons who will broaden the membership base of the committee to be most representative of the demographic and occupational base of the town." The Screening Committee then has five months to submit the names of at least three candidates for the post, and the Board of Selectmen one month to confirm one of the three nominees.

Information on the Town Manager Screening Committee will be shared by The Bramanville Tribune as it is released.

The next Board of Selectmen meeting will be held at Town Hall on Tuesday, August 8, at 6pm. It will also be available on local cable access and streaming at Millbury Public Access.

More information about the resignation and reactions from those who worked with him will be provided in a future story. If you have information or reflections to share, even anonymously, please reach out.

Jeff Raymond is a Founding Editor of The Bramanville Tribune. He can be reached at Follow him on Twitter at @jeffinmillbury