"The Struggle between Hercules and the River God Achelous," by Felice Giani circa 1813. Image courtesy the Smithsonian Institute's Cooper Hewitt Collection.

Been a busy week in what's been a busy month, so I know news is slow this week. We'll be back on the saddle next week.

A few trips around the ol' rotary today...

I had a few people reach out about the digital changes I've made. I will say this much: you don't really grasp how much utterly worthless email you get until you're spending literal weeks updating email addresses for various sites and newsletters and stores. It's just easier to trash them on sight, and then the next thing you know you're wondering why you're still receiving emails from a concert venue you haven't visited since 2009.

Still: Proton Mail is legit, and Proton Drive is solid but has been infuriating to upload files, and I love how lightweight Turtl and Simple Dialer are on my phone. I also switched to Signal for my text messaging, but the company is removing SMS support soon which is frustrating. If you're really interested in decentralizing your tech, though, I can't speak more highly of LibreOffice, which is exactly what I want out of a home office suite, and is an easy transition from the 9-5 Microsoft Office existence.

Long and short, though? I like a good digital audit, and I found so many random old files I forgot all about - templates from mid-2000s era blog posts, a cache of old pictures from the floods back in 2005, and a version of this classic image that I apparently had up in my cubicle back when I worked at Chelsea House and Options Publishing out of Marlborough. My apologies for being a semi-immature 24-year-old, even if I still laughed when I opened it.

Poster for Dave Dwinell's event at the Asa Waters Mansion this Saturday.

This Saturday, Dave Dwinell will be doing some storytelling about growing up in town and moonlighting as a professional wrestling referee via the Friends of the Millbury Public Library; I shared our conversation from March 2021 earlier this week. I threw five questions at Dave in preparation for this Saturday. with some light edits for clarity:

  1. What elementary schools were you at in Millbury, and what was your favorite memory from the schools?

I went to Assumption School. My favorite memory is walking home from school in fourth grade, first day of Christmas Vacation, light snow falling and the Baptist Church chimes playing a Christmas Carol.

2.  Did you meet your wife before or after you started refereeing, and what does she make of the whole affair?

I was already refereeing a few years and took her and the boys to shows. Her boys were 12 and 9 at the time.

She still has not read the book, because, she says, she has already heard all the stories.  I think she found it exciting but never let on. She liked talking with the wrestlers and enjoyed the summer fair shows in particular.

3.  The book has been out for a year and a half now, and you've done some press and some podcasts for it. Have you reconnected with anyone, heard from former colleagues, people you hadn't heard from in a while because of it?

I've reconnected with a number of wrestlers through Facebook. I never knew many of their real names, just stage names, so I had to look them up on Wikipedia. For example, this fellow says "loved working with you, worked my first television match," turned out to be the Kodiak Bear.  Mostly guys from independents, but also guys like [WCW's] Big Vito, [WWE's] Romeo Roselli, [WWE's] Bert Centena,   [WWE Hall of Famer] Johnny Rodz, and others. Many said they always enjoyed working with me, and it made me feel really good.

4.  I know you like the older, more classic stuff, but are there any "up and coming" wrestlers that you especially enjoy? Anyone that reminds you of your favorites?

Not too much up on new wrestling, but I like CM Punk, Roman Reigns, Cody Rhodes among others.

5.  Quick hit theoretical - if you ended up being a wrestler instead of a referee:

  • What would be your walk-in music?

"Bat Out of Hell" - Meat Loaf

  • Finishing move?


  • Dream opponent?

Harley Race

Dave Dwinell will be at the Asa Waters Mansion at noon this Saturday. His book, Ringman, is available at Amazon and he will have copies to purchase and sign at the event. Please leave all foreign objects at home, or Dave will be forced out of retirement, and I don't think he wants that.

Jeff Raymond is a nearly 40-year resident of Millbury. If he were a wrestler, he would likely want to use "Donut Shop" by STL GLD and Too Many Zooz. Email him at Follow him on Twitter at @jeffinmillbury.