Today in Town - 9/15/22

Today in Town - 9/15/22
A view of Millbury Center circa 1905, reproduced from an original postcard published by A. C. Bosselman & Company, New York.

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The Bramanville Tribune needs your help. It's been an amazing first week, and we are forever thankful for your support as we stumble out of the gate. We do need your assistance, however:

  • Are you interested in some old fashioned citizen journalism? We're taking emails to build out a stable of freelance writers and/or reporters and photographers. We hope to add to the team here in the next few weeks.
  • Are you a member of a community group or organization and want to talk about what you're doing, or share some information? Please get in touch with us. We want to celebrate everything happening in town - we promise that your organization is not too small.
  • Are you with the schools or the sports organizations, or close to them? We want to highlight game scores, academic successes, band contests. Please let us know how we can get onto the news distribution lists.
  • Do you like what you've seen so far? Share with a friend or family member, ask them to subscribe. We want to make sure this news resource reaches everyone that needs to read it.

Thanks again for a great first week, and here's looking forward to even better weeks ahead.