Treasures Galore at Millbury's First Annual Townwide Yard Sale

Treasures Galore at Millbury's First Annual Townwide Yard Sale
A multi-family sale on Elm Street behind the Draught House. The families at the Elm Street location were some of the nearly 60 locations at Millbury's First Annual Townwide Yard Sale. Photo courtesy Jeff Raymond.

The Friends of the Millbury Public Library organized Millbury's first town-wide yard sale on Saturday, October 8, 2022. Jeff Raymond (full disclosure: Jeff Raymond is president of the Friends) visited a number of the locations and provides some dispatches.

On Riverlin Street, two families came together to sell a variety of items ranging from puzzles and games to some decorative art. I arrived around 9:30am and the tables were already clearly picked over.

"I love it," one out-of-town customer said. "We had one in Upton and no one showed up."

With a laugh, one resident noted that having a bunch of sales all at once was something sellers love, too. When I drove back home a few hours later, things were even more empty, even with a line of cars on the side of the road.

The scene at Westview.

Up on Westview, there was a lot of excitement. Two families next door to each other held sales; one was on the official map and when Maria at the other house learned that this was a townwide event, handed me $10 for the Friends.

"[This is] my October thing," she said as she counted a stack of bills from her apron. The location had racks of clothes and boxes of vinyl records, and both families were very happy with the interest.

On nearby Rollie Shepherd, three houses had sales going. One house had joyous kids and adults alike talking, another with some decidedly classier-looking objects than your normal yard sale fare.

One woman knew me via my late aunt and uncle, and she is very excited for the next sale. At the other house, someone spent some a lot of time inspecting a bass guitar; I'm honestly not sure whether he ultimately pulled the trigger.

On Montgomery Drive, another excited group, very happy with the "rush of people" they got first thing in the morning. This house also had my favorite find of the day: an unused crockpot with a second, miniature crockpot inside of it.

Behind Dorothy Pond, a woman was so glad to be part of it. "I love the library," she said, and had one thing to say about those missing out:

"Shame on anyone who didn't take part."

I watched as one person negotiated the price of a box of tools, all the while a large white cat in an outdoor window seat looked over the proceedings.

A sale at Maple Lane.

An older couple on Maple Lane saw the townwide sale as an opportunity to clean out a bit as they prepare to move. The woman was surprised by the turnout.

"I am shocked at how much I've thinned out," she said as she gestured at some empty racks, "and it's only 10:30."

The setup at Paul Revere Village.

Some other quick hits:

  • The spot at Lincoln Ave Extension that had someone knock on their door for the yard sale at 7:00am.
  • A friend on Miles Street who was selling some books from a friend's collection. I found some books I lent that friend and never got back.
  • The Elm Draught House locatio holds a yard sale around this time every year, and appreciated the additional traffic.

I finished where I started, on Riverlin Street and Millbury Ave. One house was giving away some old toys and I watched a man filling the back of his truck. I was thankful for everyone involved, but they insisted on thanking me, instead. They truly appreciated the experience of meeting so many people and giving away so many things.